Curds & Whey Cheeses………

Please inquire about our current inventory of American and Imported Artisan handmade cheeses.

Cheddars: mild, 2 year, 5 year, older upon request, cloth bound cave aged, white cheddar with fruit- cherry, cranberry or blueberry, smoked, sriracha, cheese curds

Monterey Jacks: plain, morel and leek, vegetable, ghost chili pepper,

Farmers: plain. habanero, pesto, smoked

Swiss cheese, Havarti, Limburger, Brick, Aged Brick, Feta, Provolone, String Cheese, Smoked String Cheese, Vermont Cream Cheese, Raclette, Gruyere, Fresh Mozzarella including Burrata, Ovaline and Ciliegine, Camembert

Gouda: Red Wax Young, Smoked, Grazier Aged Gouda and Oude Gouda (3 plus yr)

Hot/Spicy Cheeses: Jalapeño, Sriracha, Habanero, Ghost Chili Pepper

Goat Milk Cheese: fresh Chèvre, Cranberry Cinnamon Chèvre, Bucheron, Aged Goat, Chabrin, Cypress Grove Cheeses including Humboldt Fog and Midnight Moon Aged Gouda.

Sheep Milk Cheese: Manchego, Italian pecorino including Toscano Pecorino, French AOC Ossau Iraty

Additional European cheeses: French Triple Cream, Brie, Camembert, French, English and Italian Blue Cheese, Robiola, Compte, Parmesan, plus seasonal and special order imported cheeses